The Health District can address some complaints about public health issues, but individuals who live in a city or municipality should first check with their city or municipality government to see if their complaint can be addressed. For code enforcement issues please see the list of numbers below for cities and municipalities. Additional numbers for resources in Temple and Killeen can be found below. 

Code Enforcement 

  • City of Temple – Code Compliance- 254-298-5670
  • City of Belton- Main Line- 254-933-5800
  • City of Killeen- Code Enforcement- 254-501-7608
  • City of Harker Heights- Code Enforcement- 254-953-5648
  • City of Morgan’s Point- Main Line- 254-780-1334
  • City of Holland- Main Line- 254-657-8161
  • Village of Salado-254-947-5060
  • Little River-Academy- 254-982-4248
  • City of Troy- Main Line-254-938-2505
  • City of Rogers- Main Line- 254-642-3312

Temple Resources

  • Temple Community Clinic 254-771-3374
  • Food Stamp/Medicaid- 254-778-6751
  • Temple Help Center- 254-770-6842

Killeen Resources

  • Killeen Community Clinic- 254-618-4211
  • Food Stamp/Medicaid- 254-519-7500
  • Killeen Help Center- 254-519-3360