OSSF Inspections and Permits

Each new or altered single family dwelling, multi-family dwelling, business, commercial, or industrial structure must be connected to an approved On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) or be connected to an authorized wastewater disposal system.

All forms are available here


The Environmental Health Division issues permits for On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF), commonly known as septic systems. Staff inspects the OSSF during the installation process. A final inspection must be passed before the system can be used.

Call the Temple office for Bell County regulations.


A process model is available to aid in understanding the general steps taken to obtain an OSSF permit in Bell County. That can be found here as a PDF file. 

  • To obtain a permit to install an OSSF, the following information must be submitted to the Health District you will need:
  • A completed BCPHD Application showing legal information about the owner, the property, proposed construction, and professionals involved in the planning and installation process.
  • Prepared site evaluation completed by a licensed site evaluator or a professional engineer
  • Appropriate design based on above information; OSSFs requiring professional designs must be prepared by a qualified P.E. or R.S.
  • Maintenance contracts or affidavits, if required
  • Appropriate fee
  • Standard system without professional design – $250
  • Any system with professional design – $350 (excludes Aerobic Treatment)
  • Aerobic system requiring maintenance contract $450

The Health District will review the above information to insure the submitted material is complete and to ensure an acceptable OSSF application is submitted.  The application submitted will be evaluated based upon the technical information and site evaluation .  The permit to install will be issued once a review confirms compliance with the approved local order.  Construction of an OSSF can not begin until a permit is issued.   The permit is to construct the design approved.  Altering the construction of the approved design is a violation of OSSF rules.

Inspection are scheduled by calling the Health District at:

  • Temple Office – (254)778-7557
  • Killeen Office – (254)526-3197

Re-Inspection of On-Site Sewage Facilities
Most mortgage lenders require a re-inspection of an OSSF whenever the property is sold. The Health District performs a surface inspection for this purpose.  The home buyer may request a more detailed review.