Bell County is ranked the second and third highest in the State of Texas for gonorrhea and chlamydia infections. According to the data provided by the Texas HIV/STD Unit's 2015 Report we are seeing rates that are more similar to larger counties in Texas such as Harris, Bexar, and Dallas than we are seeing to counties closer to our size. STD’s can pose a significant health burden and often go untreated because many individuals with an STD do not have symptoms. It is a common misconception that symptoms are always present.

Our clinics in Temple and Killeen offer low or no cost STD testing and treatment which also includes education and counseling. We are aware that this is a sensitive subject and are well trained to tackle it in person, but we understand that some individuals would like to learn more without presenting in person right away. We want to do our best to ensure that the residents of Bell County have every resource at their disposal and that you all rely on the best source of information on prevention, detection, and treatment for STD's. See the links below for more information and if there are further questions or you would like to get information about testing and treatment please contact us by calling the Health District or visiting one of our clinics with locations in Temple and Killeen.