Complaint Forms

Complaint Forms

Inspection Reports



Food handler training resources: Accredited Food Handler Internet (Online) Training Programs

Food Handler Card

$20.00    2-year
$ 5.00      Duplicate
$25.00    DVD/Flash drive (one-time fee) 

Bell County Permit

$150.00         1 - 6          Employees
$200.00       7 - 12       Employees
$250.00        13-20   Employees
$300.00       21-30   Employees
$300.00      31-50    Employees
$400.00      51-100 Employees
$450.00       101 +       Employees

Late Fees: $100 after 30-day delinquency of current permit expiration date and every 30 days there after
City of Temple Permit
MGO Helpful Guide

City of Killeen Permit
MGO Helpful Guide

City of Harker Heights Permit
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Mobile Food Unit (click CITY LINKS above or below for the required city Vendor/Peddler Permit fees) 
$150.00      Full-Service Unit
$100.00     Limited-Service Unit
$50.00        Each Additional Unit

Bell County Central Prep Facility

(Central Prep Facilities (CPF) are not mandatory in Bell County. However, these fees apply to any CPF falling inside of the following city limits in Bell County: Temple, Killeen, or Harker Heights) A wastewater and freshwater plan are required if using a service area versus a CPF. 

"Servicing area" means an operating base location to which a mobile food operation or transportation vehicle returns regularly for such things as vehicle and equipment cleaning, discharging liquid or solid wastes, refilling water tanks and ice bins, and boarding food. 

"Central Preparation Facility" (CPF) is an approved establishment (permitted) that mobile food operations utilize in lieu of a service area.
The mobile food unit should report to such location as needed for supplies, cleaning, and servicing operations. Servicing operations include the flushing and drainage of liquid wastes and filling of potable water. 
The mobile food operator must provide a signed letter of authorization during the permitting process if the establishment is not owned by the operator. The most recent inspection for the CPF shall be maintained on 
the MFO for review.

CPF permitting fees are the same as Food Dealer Permit scale.

Foster Home Inspection (Application MUST be printed or sent via email and paid for prior to setting up an inspection)
Inspection Application$50.00
Environmental Health Checklist - Inspector will bring all needed forms for day of inspection.

Day Care Inspection
$50.00             #children licensed for 1 to 25
$75.00             #children licensed for 26 to 50
$100.00         #children licensed for 51-75
$125.00          # children licensed for 76-100
$150.00         # children licensed for 101 +

FEE SCHEDULE (Now accepting cash, debit, or credit cards) There is a $3.00 processing fee per $100 charged by the credit/debit card company to your account.

Mobile Food Unit City Vendor/Peddler’s Permits

City of Temple – (254) 298-5700

City of Killeen - (254) 501-8830

City of Harker Heights - (254) 953-5600

Village of Salado – (254) 947-5060

City of Belton - (254) 933-5800

City of Nolanville - (254) 698-6335

City of Troy – (254) 938-2505